About Us

UTC Tours is pleased to welcome You in the United Arab Emirates!

Our Company is successfully working at the tourist market of the UAE. The sphere of our activities includes:

  • Accepting and providing services to individual tourists, groups, business people.
  • Booking accommodation in hotels of all categories as well as visa support.
  • Arranging sightseeing tours and safaris.
  • Accepting and providing services to special groups according to their interests.
  • Accepting and providing services to groups of sportsmen and arranging sport teams training camps.
  • Arranging and conducting international exhibitions and seminars.
  • Booking and selling air tickets for all international flights.
  • Providing on-land services to aircraft, arranging cargo air transportation.
  • Assisting in purchasing flats.
  • Assisting in opening companies in free economic zones.

We believe that your decision to spend some time and relax in the UAE means that you are interested in this country and we will do our best to help you to get acquainted with this extraordinary country, its customs and traditions.

We are always at your service!